When it comes to your life, the past often points to future purpose.

That means your current situation does not bind you!

God has a plan for you, and sometimes that means letting go of things—even good things—that no longer serve you. Knowing your voice is important! You will be able to help someone else make changes in their lives by sharing your testimony. Be encouraged that your past does not hold you hostage. Be free and take risks by trusting God’s plan for your life.

Tara gave me a different perspective in looking at my life. She taught me to use affirmations that gave me a positive look at who I am. She helped me in building my identity, and self-worth. She helped me take the negative events that happened to me and give it a positive spin in how I survived it and gained strength and knowledge.
Alissa Bingham
Special Education Teacher M.A.T., Ed. S.

The Power of Your V.O.I.C.E Life Coaching Program

This program is a powerful 6-week coaching program that will empower you to be the best version of yourself. You will not walk in doubt and confusion, but clarity and purpose. The power of your V.O.I.C.E will teach you to communicate with confidence in your personal life and career.

It is not so easy to undo our conditioning in this world and especially in the church system. I’m not speaking of God, but the religious system that has so many women in bondage. Many faith-filled women call me regarding this; I was one of those women. I know what it’s like to be “saved” and “free” yet walking in fear, uncertainly, shame, confusion, and more. I know what it’s like to wear the pretty mask and “church clothes” with a smile concealing deep pain.

I experienced significant life-changing moments that collectively shifted my entire paradigm. I am walking in complete transparency, and it’s incredible. I am free of that negative self-sabotaging mental place, and I want to help you do the same. You can experience clarity and true freedom.

I, therefore, invite you to come with me on a journey of self-awareness and purpose. I will help you find your true superpower, gain clarity, and focus with my signature program, “The Power of your V.O.I.C.E”.

Life coaching is about focusing on solutions rather than problems. It’s not a quick fix, and it works over the long term. It DOES work if you WORK IT.

Success is all about using your voice powerfully. We all experience life’s difficulties, from broken relationships to job loss; In life, we’re inundated by stress and uncertainty. Often, we feel the pressure to be someone else who we think is more deserving of love and happiness.

The Power of your V.O.I.C.E. Coaching Program will help you to improve your emotional intelligence and reach goals faster than ever before — without using fear or guilt but instead creating conditions conducive for growth and happiness.

**Learn how to speak confidently and clearly in any situation
**Work with your existing schedule to work through the course quickly
**Develop a powerful mindset to influence others
**Improve your self-confidence

Week 1: Vision: Without a vision, the people perish.

Week 2: Owning your story: To live an abundant life the way God intended, you need to be authentic, and being authentic means owning your story.

Week 3: I am affirmations and Intervals: It is powerful to affirm yourself with affirmations. This program will show you how to do that properly. Also, what do you do in the messy middle? You will learn how to cope and hold on during life’s intervals.

Week 4: Choices: This is about taking responsibility for your life, with the understanding that you do have a choice. You were a born chooser.

Week 5: Everyday: The blessings in your “every day.”

Week 6: A bonus week

You can wish for a different reality all you want, but this will not change your current experience. If you’re going to be a light in the world, you must take daily action consistent with your values so that over time your life unfolds as you desire.

You’ll leave the program with a desire to take action. You’ll walk away from the program with a sense of accomplishment. You will walk away from this program with new ideas and an unwavering sense of purpose.

Sign up now, and start seeing positive change in just days! Book a call with me to sign up for this program. 

Coach Tara helped me to identify who I was, and her light lit a path for me. Now I have been able to begin to discover the true me, with power, purpose, and poise, and mindfully live in the volume of whom I truly am, not in the shadows of the shame. I have more faith in God, and I have more self-acceptance and confidence. I no longer “start” things; I am completing goals and seeing real results, and I am eternally grateful! I recommend Coach Tara to anyone ready to heal and move forward in their life.
Coach Tamera J

The Power of Your Book Writing & Publishing Course

Write your Purpose Book Today!

What book were you destined to write? Does this sound like you?

God called you to write and share your message, testimony, or story, but something is standing in the way. Fear, doubt, uncertainty, all the above. You don’t know where to start… You started but are lost in the process? You have tons of questions and tired of googling everything?

Suppose you want to make connections that CAN change your life, increase your popularity and influence, and allow you to reach others in new ways. In that case, you need to make a mark in this world by responding to God’s call on your life to write your book.

In today’s world, with the emergence of social media, your book could make waves that could create a new experience of hope for those without hope.

Imagine it – your book is read by thousands or millions. They will be encouraged to keep going because of your life-changing message. If that isn’t your goal, write and publish for personal achievement. We all have different motives. Overall stay true to yourself and present an authentic message.

Whew! Sounds like a lot, right?

But it doesn’t need to be. Writing a book will help you boost your visibility and multiply your impact. Your book will grant you credibility instantaneously and provide a platform for you to connect to people in ways you never thought possible.

Not only will I teach you through my proven framework how and what, to write, but I will empower you to replicate the process so that you can become your own publisher. Learning the publishing process will save you money and allow you to publish multiple books and help others do the same.

It’s wonderful that you are obedient to this call because God’s grace will be upon your book project.

Remember, God gave you the vision, so everyone won’t understand the moves you are about to make in this next season. It’s an exciting journey that will take you to places you haven’t been to before.

I am confident in your abilities and vision. I can offer you my advice and accountability to help you complete your book successfully. Invest in yourself and write the book that will change things for you and many others around you!

Book a call with me to sign up for this program. 

Tara Tucker assisted me as a writing coach, and my first book was published through Tucker Publishing House. I started writing and brainstorming in April, and I was done with the book by June. Tara is the best writing coach! She made sure I reached each goal that I set for myself, and she didn't allow me to give up! Tara has patiently walked me through every step and has explained the publishing journey to me in length. During my publishing process, Tara became ill, but that did not keep her from still moving forward as much as possible. Tara keeps her word. Tara is punctual. Tara is easy to work with! I plan on utilizing Tucker Publishing House for years to come!
Andrea' Renee
Actress, Author, TV Show Co-host, Singer, Stylist

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