Coach Tara Tucker: Empowering Youth and Women for Bold Authenticity

In the heart of Michigan, USA, Coach Tara Tucker stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the youth and women in her community. As the CEO of Tucker Publishing House, LLC, the visionary behind Inspired Narratives Co., and the passionate founder of Jewels Ladies of Prayer Outreach, Coach Tara has dedicated her life's work to guiding others on the journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Creating Youth Voices: Story Processing and Value Assertion

Coach Tara understands the power of stories. She recognizes that every young person carries within them a unique narrative shaped by experiences that are both joyful and challenging. Coach Tara provides a safe space for youth to explore, process, and share their stories through her workshops and mentoring programs.
In these transformative sessions, young minds are encouraged to delve deep into their experiences, recognizing the lessons, strengths, and resilience that lie within. By guiding them through exercises highlighting their values and beliefs, Coach Tara empowers these future leaders to assert their voices confidently.
The impact is profound. Youth who once felt silenced or unseen discover the strength to speak up and advocate for themselves and their communities. They learn that their stories are not burdens but powerful tools for growth and connection.

Journal Without Judgment: Healing Workshops for Women
For the women under Coach Tara's guidance, the journey is one of healing and liberation. Through her renowned "Journal Without Judgment" workshops, Coach Tara creates a nurturing environment where women can explore their innermost thoughts, fears, and dreams without fear of criticism.
These workshops are more than just writing sessions; they are sacred spaces of release and renewal. Women learn to pour their hearts onto the pages, unearthing the beauty in their struggles and triumphs. With each stroke of the pen, they reclaim their narratives, embracing authenticity and vulnerability.
Coach Tara's approach is rooted in faith and love. She guides these women through the scriptures, helping them find solace and strength in their spiritual journeys. Through prayer and reflection, they discover the power of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and grace.

Uniting Communities: Jewels Ladies Of Prayer Outreach

At the heart of Coach Tara's mission is community. Through Jewels Ladies of Prayer Outreach, she brings together women from all walks of life, bound by a shared desire for growth and sisterhood. Here, women gather to pray, uplift, and support one another on their spiritual paths.
It's more than just an outreach program; it's a family. Women find mentors, confidantes, and friends in this nurturing space. They discover that they are not alone in their journeys and that there is strength in unity and faith.
Coach Tara Tucker's work is a testament to the transformative power of authenticity and vulnerability. Through her programs, youth and women alike learn to own their stories, to live out their values boldly, and to assert their voices with unwavering confidence.
Her message reverberates through the halls of schools, the quiet corners of journals, and the heartfelt prayers of women gathered in fellowship. It is a message of hope, healing, and the profound truth that we are all worthy of love and belonging.


For those looking to write their stories: As an author and fellow writer, I am used to working with sensitive content and have coached many women in self-publishing their memoirs and self-help books. You may only need someone to work out an idea, an author platform, or a strategy and planning session. Are you a procrastinator? If so, I’m your accountability coach. I’ll help you get it done! If your manuscript is complete, we will edit and proofread it for you, and I can give you other advice as needed. If it isn’t ready yet, sign up for my writing and development video call to help you complete it. Don’t let your ideas vanish in your thoughts; Your voice matters; Your story will help and inspire others. Please share it, spread it, and let it free. I work with women, and especially kingdom-driven women, to bring our stories to the forefront because our testimonies matter. (Rev 12:11)



I’ve always had a passion for meaningful conversations and a special ability to discern the needs of people, not only in the realm of books and writing but also in businesses and ministry. It’s a gift I believe God has blessed me with, and I’m committed to using it to empower and uplift others. Whether you’re seeking guidance in penning your story, growing your business, or deepening your spiritual journey, I’m here to listen, understand, and guide you on your path to authenticity and success.

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