Visionary. Best-Selling Author. Coach. Storytelling Strategist. Publisher.

Tara Tucker is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats, all underpinned by her unwavering faith and commitment to personal growth. She’s a personal development coach, storytelling strategist, author, mentor, and more. Tara is the driving force behind Tucker Publishing House, LLC, specializing in publishing inspirational books, and the visionary Founder of Jewels Ladies of Prayer Outreach, an intercessory prayer group.

Tara’s life has been a journey of resilience, from childhood trauma to overcoming stage 3 breast cancer and sepsis shock. Her openness about her experiences has brought strength and inspiration to many, reinforcing that one’s testimony is the blueprint for someone else’s breakthrough.

Tara has been recognized in various media outlets, including appearances on IHeart Radio’s “Monica Morgan Speaks” show, Canvas Rebel, and The Michigan Chronicle. Her outreach goes beyond publishing as she has mentored youth through programs like The IMAGINE Mentoring Program of Michigan and The Citadel of Perpetual Learning, LLC, and conducted workshops like the Prepare & Publish Youth Writing Workshop™ for various organizations.

She is passionate about empowering faith-driven women to find joy in writing through her Journal Without Judgment™ books and workshops. She also guides them to embrace their stories and publish their purposeful books. Tara holds numerous coaching certifications and is a current college student. She is an active member of Toastmasters International, frequently sharing her voice.

Tara’s core message revolves around personal growth, authentic living, and creating meaningful connections; all summed up in her motto: #liveloveBEauthentic.


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