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Tara’s Story

Coach Tara Tucker is a life survivor! In her best-selling memoir, Everybody Kneeling ain’t Praying, Tara wrote about the attempt on her life in the womb, but glory to God, she and her mom survived. She detailed the subsequent events that followed. Tara was raised by her stepdad and mom. She was molested several times by different people before age 12, with her stepdad being the first.

Being rejected from the womb and surviving multiple molestation and rapes, Tara began to seek a life of pleasure to mask her pain. She has lived a checkered past as a dancer, escort, and madam. She identified as a bisexual woman for over 15 years before answering the call from Jesus Christ to follow Him in 2010.

In 2017, Tara battled stage 3 breast cancer, resulting in a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and Lymphedema in her right arm and hand, which leaves her arm and hand noticeably larger than the other.

Tara is well-versed in the spirit of religion and the bondage that follows. After being under religious oppression, Tara is thankful to have a  relationship with God. Her mission is to help others recognize and walk in the freedom that Jesus affords us. She started that mission with her nonprofit, “Jewels, Ladies of Prayer Outreach.” She is also passionate about women and girls walking in the power of their voices. She loves to help them acknowledge their story and gain the confidence to speak and write about them.

Tara lives her life out loud, unashamed of her story. She knows God to be her Deliverer and Healer! She is open about her past to show that God can turn your ashes into beauty. Tara is both practical and loving. She is compassionate towards people, understanding their daily struggles because we share this human experience.

Tara learned to love herself entirely, not just the good parts, during the most devastating time of her life. She walks in transparency and authenticity. She defines, owns, and consistently writes her story. She wants to help you do the same. She speaks in person and virtually, teaches workshops, and is a youth mentor. 

Tara’s motto is #liveloveBEauthentic.

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