“This book is truth. It is a deliberate revealing of Tara’s
heart and mind and even her body in so many ways. One of the most undervalued elements of Christianity is our God-given obligation to share our testimony. I believe
that God’s testimonies are His, and we are merely chosen to
carry them. Consequently, I don’t believe we are authorized to edit them for ‘more palatable
consumption.’ It is a rare individual
who is truly so comfortable with herself and God’s miraculous presence in her life that she can open her proverbial cloak and expose herself in this way. I’m so grateful
that she did, as it affords
me yet another view of God’s consistent majesty in the lives of His children.
We all have stories,
but as Tara expresses in this labor of love,
many of us are hiding them and living in shame.”
-Dr. Rita Fields